Tuesday 15 January 2013

The London Bike Show - Say Hello!

On Saturday I will be going to The London Bike Show at London's Excel. This runs from 17th - 20th January. I am going primarily for the the IG London Nocturne Folding Bike Race as I have written about. (Rather excited about it all as you can guess).

Apart from racing at the Nocturne I am going to have a look at all the exhibitors and see what is hot in the world of cycling. (See it doesn't all have to be Brompton).

If you are going and spot me, please come over and say hello. How will you spot me I hear you say? I will be the one wearing bright orange socks and a striped orange and yellow blazer. Believe me, you will not be able to miss me!!

I may not bring my beloved Orange Brompton however. I haven't fully made up my mind yet but I am thinking my nippy two speed Raw Lacquer S2L might be just the ticket. Beside, when I raced at the Nocturne in 2012, it was the S2L that I used.

From the list of competitors it is clear to see that Bromptonians will dominate among those taking part and quite right too. The course is going to be lightening fast and with the top 15 going through to the final from each heat, I have no illusions of getting through. This is more about experiencing the nerve racking buzz of competition and the atmosphere created by the large crowds.

So, if you are going on Saturday and spot me, please come and say hello. If you're staying for the race itself, save a cheer for me!


  1. Good luck on the race,look forward to reading about your adventure on here..

    1. Many thanks Mark. I am sure I'll have a lot to write about!


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