Thursday 10 January 2013

IG London Nocturne January 2013 - I'm in.

I entered the IG London Nocturne in 2012 and last summer I had a fantastic day at a fantastic and well organised event. Several weeks ago I heard that there would be a special event at the London Bike Show, where a version of the IG Nocturne would be held indoors as part of the event. Naturally enough I applied and this evening I found out that I have secured a place!

Happy is an understatement! This is set to be an excellent day all round. The Bike Show will I am sure be excellent to see but the prospect of a folding bike race it more than the icing on the cake.

For last years Nocturne I took my Raw Lacquer S2L and it was pretty good around the course. This time I am not sure - S2L or M6L? Decisions, decisions! 

One thing is for certain I will certainly stand out in the crowd with what I intend to wear to the race! There isn't really a great deal of time left as the race will take place next Saturday, but I will try to get in a little training in from now until this time next week.

I am about 10kg's lighter than I was at the 2012 Nocturne and I hope that this together with slightly better fitness will combine to make things all the more enjoyable. There will be two heats and I suspect the top half of each group will go into the final. If honest, I am just happy to be in the mix but I would love to get into the final as I managed in 2012. It is of course a different circuit and a different race, so we will have to see.

This event is just the start of an exciting line up of events I have got planned for this year. I'm really looking forward to this and next week is probably going to drag a little as I will just be too excited about it all!!



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