Friday 25 January 2013

Achilles Heel

Coming up to 15 years ago I had the misfortune to rupture my achilles tendon. At the time I did not know that I had ruptured my achilles tendon and I actually hobbled around on it for two days before reluctantly going to local A and E to have it looked over.

I will not go in to any detail about what caused my tendon to rupture as it is a lengthy and woeful tale. All I will say is that is was a sporting injury. I had to have an operation to have the bits of tendon sowed back together and had my leg in a cast for eight weeks. Once the cast was off I started a lengthy period of physiotherapy. This was going well until when back at home I was merely hobbling from the living room to he kitchen, when I heard an audible and sickening ripping sound and an unimaginable pain. In fact I actually turned round to see who had kicked me in the ankle?! Of course no one had.

Another visit to A and E confirmed the worst. I have somehow ruptured the tendon again! Another operation was performed but as I had been in a cast for so long the previous time it was decided I wouldn't be allowed a cast this time. This meant that I had to be incredibly careful as my poor ankle was in contestant peril!

Thankfully, all went well and after seven long months I was able to walk properly again but my left leg would always be weaker than the right. It was a terrible time but I got through it, despite it meaning all contact or even mildly contact sports were completely out of the question from that point on. This was not a terrible loss as when playing rugby I hated getting dirty and along with some of my fellow 'gentleman backs' took great delight in finishing a game with rugby shirt devoid of mud.

After the Nocturne last week my ankle - the bad one - was sore. I was worried that I had done something. Upon closer inspection I discovered that the soreness was caused by my orange and yellow trainers causing a rather severe blister on the back of my ankle.

I have made a note to buy a new pair of cycling trainers at some point and buy a pair that are comfortable and functional rather than going for my Achilles heel - anything that is orange in colour!

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