Sunday, 19 January 2020

I've sort of gone off Rapha cycling gear when riding my Brompton

Over the years I have bought a few items of Rapha cycling gear but in recent times - like the blog title states - I have sort of gone off it. I'll explain why.

Rapha clothing is definitely a celebration of road bike cycling, with the entire range geared towards that genre of cycling. I suppose it was this very association that drew me to buying a few items from Rapha in the first place. I sometimes participate in events that are firmly geared towards the road bike. Imagine a chap turning up on a Brompton who also sports a few items of Rapha clothing. Apart from the semi-attention seeking nature of this, there is a little bit of a two-fingered salute to the roadie who tuts at the thought of non-carbon gate thrashing one of 'their events.'

If you ever go to Richmond Park early on a Saturday / Sunday morning (I am sure that you have your equivalent location wherever you live) you will encounter the best and worst type of roadie. The latter is a selfish bore, glad head to toe in Rapha, sitting on an ultra-expensive road bike who thinks that by virtue of expensive gear they are but a step away from a professional cyclist!

Having a look at the prices of Rapha gear this is the obvious elephant in the room. Even at sale prices with large percentages off, I just don't think their stuff is worth it. Yes the quality is there, they last well and they can withstand several washes however price is a factor. I keep coming back to the notion I can get better for less.

I suppose for me what it comes down to is the overall look, vibe or whatever you want to call it of having that Rapha label - as discrete as it often is. For me it is something I don't aspire to. I have not really been into cars but have strayed away from certain brands purely based on my perceived image of the type of driver that purchases such a make of car.

Wear whatever you want on your Brompton or road bike says I but for me I won't be rushing into the Rapha shop on Brewer Street in London or clicking online to buy anything else.

Your thoughts on this would be welcome in the comments section.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Orange Brompton to the Dunwich Dynamo 2020!

You might already know from several of my blog posts that I like nocturnal bike rides. I keep writing that 'there is something about them!' Well there really is and I still cannot really explain what that 'something' is to people who think it is beyond crazy to cycle through the night with no sleep. I do however have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with the Dunwich Dynamo.

At some point during Christmas I saw that the early bird coach tickets were on sale. Thinking long and hard about this, I bought one.

Last year was probably the most enjoyable Dynamo - perhaps as I decided to take the advice of Geoff and Mark (King of the Hill) and set off a little earlier. I rode the 2019 Dynamo, with the gentleman that is Geoff and that early start made things better for me.

This year I do not really know whether I will have any other riding companions. I hope that Geoff rides again this year (I think it will his 8th) as one a few occasions I don't think I could have competed it without him. I am very pleased that my dear friend,  Dr John has bought a ticket and will hopefully be able to go but it may well be me riding solo. This I find quite daunting for a ride of over 100 miles. Of course with so many other riders taking part you are never truly on your own however I am sure you know what I mean.

As the title of this blog post suggests, I will be riding on one one my Brompton bicycles. I haven't decided which will go - it's far to early for that - but I feel my Orange Flame Lacquer should really go as it hasn't been before. One certainty is that I will not be riding on big wheels. The prospect of putting my bike into a separate coach doesn't do it for me. Besides, I haven't used big wheels in anger for some time - the Brompton is just so much more convenient and dare I fun.

There are a few rides coming up in the not too distant future and I really must start to get out and put in the miles!!

I have posted links blog posts on the four times I have done the Dun Run if you want to get an idea of what these are like.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Video of Christmas Ride with the Night Ride to the Coast Peeps

To go with the photos I also too a little bit of video for the Christmas Ride with the Night Ride to the Coast Peeps.

Watch in the best quality you dare. It is available in 4K to those that have it.

Link to video