Sunday, 20 January 2019

Video of Canary Wharf Winter Lights Brompton Ride

Here is a short video of the recent Canary Wharf Winter Lights Brompton ride.

Watch in the highest quality you can.

Link to video

Dunwich Dynamo 2019 Plans

The last Dunwich Dynamo I took part in was back in 2017. On the Canary Wharf Winter Lights ride I got thinking (for some reason) about the Dunwich Dynamo and whether I would do it this year.

I skipped last year for a number of reasons. The first was that in 2017 I travelled back from Dunwich by train which was okay. I hoped to do the same in 2018. I therefore didn't bother to buy one of the coach tickets that go on sale around now at an early bird price and then increase a few weeks later. Unfortunately, the train company decided to have a blanket ban on all bicycles during the weekend of the Dynamo for 2018, so I missed the boat.

When I got home from the ride on Friday I had a look to see if coach tickets were available and they were. Before going to sleep I decided that I would have a think about it and essentially sleep about it.

Saturday was quite a busy day but thoughts of the Dynamo were never too far away. Now, if you have ever read my blog posts about the Dunwich Dynamo (link to them all below) you will know that I have a little bit of a love / hate thing going on with it. I like the ride to the coast but loath the coming home. The coach journey I have never particularly enjoyed.

By the end of Saturday I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted to do the Dynamo. The date is the weekend of the 13th - 14th July which date-wise okay for me. With a coach ticket in the basket I pressed the button to buy and it was mine.

Sadly, it looks as if I may well be doing this ride on my own as early indications seem that a few people cannot do it this year. I will still do it and I suppose with a ride like the Dunwich Dynamo you are never too far from another cyclist.

I will have to get in a little bit of training from now until July. The night rides to the coast will of course help. I also think that this year at least, I am going to be riding my Brompton a great deal more. I have a few rides in the pipeline and already I am thinking of the Brompton rather than my original thoughts of bigger wheels.

Watch this space...

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Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2019

The Canary Wharf Winter Lights event has been taking place for a few years. Last Friday was the date when the lovely Brompton peeps would experience the many light installations.

Now this was a Brompton ride but sadly my beloved Orange Brompton was out of action. I performed an act of Brompton DIY that ended in disaster. I will write about this at a later date. (It was going to be a helpful how to guide but it will end up being a tale of caution)! So, with no Brompton I decided to take the Surly.

I nearly didn't make the ride at all. An event took place at work about 90 minutes before I was due to leave that meant I might still be at work when the ride set off at 18:45. Luckily, things were resolved but I only just made it in time for the start.

When I arrived I saw lots of familiar faces, some of which I had not seen in perhaps two years! Far too long really. It was great catching up.

David was our ride leader and after a quick briefing we were off. We cycled pretty much along the tried and tested Thames Path route - that I am particularly fond of. Before long we arrived at Canary Wharf.

The first installation was 'Sasha Trees' by Adam Decolight. These were quite lovely and if anything put me in mind of Christmas again, what with all the glowing fir trees.

Next was 'Prismatica' by Raw Design in collaboration with Atomic3. These were great and people had lots of fun spinning them around watching the colours.

I think the Cabot Square Fountain was quite lovely and jets of coloured water were pumped in time to various music tracks. When I got there Gene Wilder singing 'Pure Imagination' was being played and the whole experience was quite magical.

'Colour Moves' by Rombout Frieling Lab had lots of colour projected on the walls of a narrow tunnel. It had the effect of making you feel you were moving, when standing still.

'Angles of Freedom' by Age Collective had queues of people waiting to portion themselves like an angel, wings and halo included.

'Submergence' by Squidsoup was perhaps my favourite of all. In this 24,000 points of suspended light created pulses, waves and huge movements of light. I parked the bike and waded in and for a few moments forget my surroundings.

'Bit Fall' by Julius Popp was there last year and as water dropped, letters were projected onto it as it fell. It is very clever and quite hypnotic waiting to see what word comes next.

Just after 21:00 we had seen all the lights we wanted to see and as people were starting to feel the cold (me included) we headed back towards the London Eye.

Naturally a group photo had to be taken before heading back to the start location! We arrived back at the London Eye in good time, just before 22:00. We said our goodbyes before heading off on our separate ways. Many thanks to David for leading the ride.

I had a six and a half mile cycle to where I had parked the car. Carrying my big camera with me, I resisted the temptation to stop and take the off photograph. Besides I knew I had to be up early the next day to take my Brompton to 'Compton Cycles' so that they could sort out my DIY disaster!

As always a lovely ride. I really missed my Brompton! It would have been a great deal more convenient to have used it for this ride. I will be glad to have it back hopefully by next Saturday if all goes to plan!