Wednesday, 2 January 2019

I really don't like standard Brompton pedals anymore!

After fitting SDP clipless pedals several years ago to my Brompton, I totally abandoned the standard Brompton pedal. I would go as far as saying that I don't think I could ever go back to just a fact pedal. This belief was certainly strengthened this morning!

I won't go into great detail but today I attended a rather important event in central London where parking was not permitted. Getting there was easy enough and as travelling part of the way on  Brompton made things even easier, I decided to go multi-modal in terms of transport.

There were a couple of issues. The first was that I would need to wear a formal suit and all the trimmings - including shoes. The second was that I would not be able to carry them in one of my Brompton front bags. I was allowed - just - to bring the Brompton but it had to be the bike only. No tools, saddle bag etc., This meant I would have to pedal in formal shoes with a leather sole. No! The last time I did this was at David and Anne's wedding and found it hard going. I would have to change the pedals back to the Brompton Standard.

Changing the pedals was easy. Setting off this morning in suit was nothing new to me but I have not commented to work by Brompton for well over a year. It reminded me of that and I suppose the Brompton World Championships. I only had a mile to the nearest tube station and when I got off about four miles to my destination. 

I found the Brompton pedals very different. Probably as I was not used to them anymore - all my bikes have SDP pedals now - it all felt wrong. By the time I had reached my destination I knew that I could never go back to normal pedals, even if they were  more convenient. 

One aspect I liked a lot was the folding pedal that got things out of the way. This did make things much easier carrying but I was still left with the thought, I can live with a sticking out pedal. As soon as I got back home, the standard pedals were off and my SDP pedals put back on. 

I don't know how many of you out there have SDP pedals on your Brompton but for me at least (once you get used to them) they do seem like a much better bet.