Saturday 4 March 2023

The Brompton Factory Pen

Tucked away in the several items of Brompton accessories you will find, 'The Brompton Factory Pen.' I was given one of these as a way of a thank you for my friend who has a thing for the Brompton CHPT3. (You might have read a recent blog post about this and the release of version #4. He managed to get one quite easily to join all the other versions he has, without the need for me going to buy one, just in case).

Now I have to confess, I only ever use fountain pens. I always have and this Brompton pen is a rollerball. Saying that the 'Schmidt Ceramic Roller Cartridge' in this pen is extremely good and I have quite happily used it. 

The pen is machined from aluminium and has an industrial vibe going on, befitting the Brompton name.  As it is made from aluminium it is light in weight and comfortable in the hand.

The pen fits into a long cap which has the benefit of being magnetised. This allows the cap to softly click into place. The pen can be used without the cap being posted but your can fit it one to the barrel of the pen to give a little heft. 

The Brompton logos appear to remind you this is a Brompton product and it is definitely well worth the £30 asking price. 

As I have already mentioned, I am an unashamed fountain pen user but this pen writes really, really well and I have been using it quite a bit since it was gifted to me. 

The sort of thing I usually go for!

So, you have the bike, you have the toolkit and you can now get the pen. I am very pleased with mine. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people!!