Saturday 23 November 2019

New Brompton Black Editions

As an owner of an Orange Black Edition I noticed that Brompton has decided to release a few black editions again. This time there is a difference.

A few colours are the same - Black and Turkish Green - but joining them is one in a rather fetching Rocket Red. For my money this is the best of the bunch for this launch.

The biggest difference to the Black Editions is that you can now get the Superlight version with the titanium parts painted black - a theme borrowed from the CHPT3 edition. If you like the idea of shaving off approaching 1kg of the standard Brompton then this might be your thing. I owned an Orange Superlight a few years ago and put lots of black part on it - apart from the titanium bits - but hated it, so for me at least this is way better.

As always with the Black Editions, if you are in the market for your first Brompton or getting a second, I'd commit to buying one of these sooner rather than later as they always seem to sell out after a while.

Until next time, happy pedalling.

Link to the Brompton website for details of their Black Editions

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