Thursday 10 January 2013

100,000 YES!!!!!

The moment I have been dreaming about, hoping for has finally arrived. I have reached and in fact surpassed 100,000 page views!!!

This major milestone was something that I thought would be surmounted after 4 -5 years of blogging. At about this point last year I was at 15,000 page views. I actually managed to reach more than that in the last month alone!

Perhaps the most important thing in reaching 100,000 page views is that it is solely due to you out there reading, commenting, emailing me and encouraging me.

I want to thank you if you have been a loyal reader from the start, just started to read or perhaps only read a few entries! It all counts.

2012 was a good year but 2013 will be better. I have lots of rides to go on. Some of these will be as part of a group and some will be on my own. I have an increasing amount of products to review - with companies occasionally sending me items to test out. There are also lots of other projects and plans in the pipeline for me as a blog writer but more of that another time.

Thank you again and I hope that I continue to get you riding a bicycle and having your own adventures (but of course a Brompton is the best for this), entertain occasionally and sometimes put a smile on your face.

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