Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Garmin 800 Arrives from Garmin!

The Garmin 800 has finally arrived from the great people at Garmin. This delay was entirely my fault. Garmin sent it super fast and we were out when it was initially delivered. A redelivery was set but Mrs Orange Brompton had to go out to collect our youngest from school. It arrive 10 minutes after she left? It was delivered today - this time to my place of work.

I have seen the Garmin 800 many times before as a few friends have one. However, having on in my hand, on my Brompton was an altogether experience.

The model they sent was the city navigator version. This has full UK / European road maps, and candice sensor and a heart rate sensor. I am not sure I will use these as everything looked brand new and I know I'd feel somewhat guilty opening and using them.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Yes, you out there. The updated model the Garmin Edge 810 has just been announced. Why am I getting excited about this model? Well, the 800 won't be put out to seed just yet. It will continue to be available for some time - perhaps at a reduced price to that of the 810. Yes of course the 810 is a better model as it has several updated features but the 800 is still an excellent little number.

Going home this evening I was rather excited. I tapped in the postcode for home and a route was found it seconds - very similar to my Garmin car Sat Nav. Following the suggested route was easy and not in any way distracting. Like my smaller Edge 200 (shown in the picture above) it produced a huge amount of data for the ride. Mileage, maximum speed, average speed, calories used.

Garmin have very kindly allowed me to keep this unit until the beginning of February and I will be putting it through its paces virtually every day from now until then.

I will post mini updates on how I am getting on with it and a larger review in a few weeks time. Even though I have only used it going home today, first impressions are very good. I think I'm going to enjoy this!


  1. You'll love it just as much as I love my little Edge 800. Since I got it every time I go out on Bumble B its attached and switched on. I think I'm just a little shy of 1000 miles with my Garmin Edge 800 at the moment.

  2. Isn't it amazing that they can fit so much technology into such a small and robust package? I have an older Garmin Edge 705 with which I have done close on 4500 miles (mostly offroad in the mountains above Cape Town and Stellenbosch). It has operated flawlessly for years.

    I have an even older Garmin 305 watch which is what I use when I ride my Brompton. The reason I use the watch is that I don't have a mount on my Brommie. I also take the watch with me on my many travels for capturing cycles and runs in foreign cities.

    I post my training to Endomondo and Strava (just search for Dion Forster - I prefer Endomondo since I can also use my iPhone if I don't have my 705 or 305 with me).


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