Wednesday 30 January 2013

Fuji X100 Shutter Button

I am really loving my Fuji X100. It is a brilliant little camera and as I have said before my other cameras are becoming pretty much redundant since I got it.

Apart from the excellent camera straps I bought from the eBay seller Footprint Straps - please see the link below - I decided to buy an orange shutter button to complete the orange theme.

I ordered it a few weeks ago from a seller in China. I paid £4.58 including postage and today it arrived. The picture below taken on my iPhone really doesn't do the colour justice. It is a very bright orange and not a million miles aways from the colour of my Brompton.

I love it and shooting with it makes things even more silky smooth than before. I really like it and it marks the end of my accessories for my X100. That is, unless you out there are aware of anything else one can get that would be of interest.

Click below to be taken to my X100 leather straps review.

Footprint leather straps review

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