Saturday 12 January 2013

Along, Under, Over and On the River Thames!

This morning I was up bright and early and off to meet fellow intrepid Bromptonian and Club member Mark. To get that extra bit of training for the IG London Nocturne next week I actually cycled from northwest London to central London. (I must be mad as this was over 11 miles).

When I reached London proper I tried to get some cash out of a cashpoint but it ate my card and refused to give me my cash! A very helpful member of the public standing nearby on his mobile, did not tell me that this particular cashpoint was easting cards for breakfast, as I later found out that he had just had the same experience, not five minutes before I cycled up!

Not really knowing what to do I waited around a little and luckily a member of staff was there opening up the branch. I didn't get my card back (will be sent to me) but I did get my cash and a receipt. This made me late for my 08:30 meeting at Trafalgar Square!

I used the Garmin Edge 800, from Garmin to navigate me to London which it did faultlessly. I had uploaded Marks' route but unfortunately due to my incompetence in either loading it/using the Garmin I somehow lost this route. Should have looked at the manual!

Before long we were cycling east and over copious cobbled streets. These certainly made us give them our fullest attention as we carefully negotiated our way across them. In the distance we could just about see Canary Wharf and we pressed on.

Along the river Thames

We soon arrived at the Greenwich foot tunnel. A wonderful piece of engineering and something we didn't manage to do on our last Brompton ride. This really is a must. The lift is positioned so that when the doors open the tunnel snakes its way directly in front of you. There is another foot tunnel further up river at North Woolwich, which I believe is slightly longer.

Going doen this tunnel was reminded me of opening credits of 'The Prisoner.'

Under the river Thames

At the other side of the foot tunnel we had a very quick photo opportunity at the Cutty Sark before pressing on to the Royal Observatory. The cycle up to this was quite a hill but great training for next week.

Picking up the pace a little we cycled towards the Emirates Air Line - a cable car experience over the river Thames. Again a must do!

BOKEH on a Brooks saddle.

Over the river Thames

Nearly at our journeys end we saw a perhaps proposed cycle path that isn't quite ready yet. We placed our bikes so you can imaging what it might look like one day.

Arriving back at Greenwich we retired to a pub where we had a pretty mean coffee and chewed the fat about next week, our worries and concerns about next week and what we were going to do in the next few days to prepare for next week. The IG London Nocturne was very much in our thoughts.

I decided to take the Thames Clipper back to London (so that I could say I have been along, under, over and on the river Thames) but due to it being high tide, they were only going as far as Bankside.

On the river Thames

The view from the Thames Clipper

Once of the Thames Clipper I put a post code into the Garmin Edge 800 and it took me to where I wanted to go effortlessly. This little Garmin is great. I had the backlight on virtually all day and the battery still had plenty of life in it. (I must now learn how to use it properly and read the manual, rather than like Luke Skywalker on the Death Star run where he just used the Force).

In all the ride was 25 miles but added to the journey there and back I have covered quite a bit today. Another good day out and luckily the weather, although cold was dry.

The next week is going to go by at a sedate pace I suspect. Thoughts of racing at the Nocturne will I am sure dominate my thoughts.

You can see the ride data collected by the Garmin Edge 800 by clicking the link below.

Greenwich Loop Test Run Ride Data

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