Saturday 26 January 2013

Brighton with my X100

It was my intention to go out on a Brompton Club ride this morning but a puncture (that must have been slow and overnight as I used my Brompton on my commute yesterday without problems) meant that I would be unfashionably late. I therefore had to pass on what looked like a great ride.

We decided instead to pay another visit to Brighton, as it was such a lovely day. My X100 came with me. I really am loving this X100 and find that I rarely use the LCD screen at all.  The screen is excellent but the hybrid viewfinder is just so drop dead gorgeous sexy time, that I use it for 99% of all shots.

Brighton, I have decided is a rather lovely place. Last time it was in the rain and the better weather allowed us to explore that bit more. On the beach we tried to skim stones, while seagulls screamed their disapproval that we were throwing stones and not some sort of food.

A bit like the London Eye but on a smaller scale.

Cycling seems to be big in Brighton. There is a lovely cycle lane that runs right across the sea front, affording quite stunning views. Lots of cyclists were out in force. Everything from top of the range road bikes to rusty heaps that looked as it they had just been reclaimed from the sea!

The famous pier

While walking along the sea front I counted Six Brompton, two Moulton, two Dahon and two Tern bikes. It would seen that folders are quite popular in Brighton.

The King now advertises iced cream. 
 With the X100 I set the camera to record black and white jPegs and RAW in colour. I have placed the black and white pictures here but the RAW colour files are really good and with a bit of tinkering could be even better than straight out of the camera.

We popped in to the Pavilion and even upon a second viewing the internal decoration had the power to leave one opened jawed.

The Pavilion - well worth a visit.
After having some fish and chips at 'Alfie Ramsden's' which was staffed entirely by Russians we headed back to the car and home. When the weather really gets better I think I might bring the family back to explore more on bike. On the way home we again went past Ditchling Beacon and I think that a group ride from London to Brighton is going to have to be a must. The Bacon would certainly provide a never to be forgotten moment!

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