Wednesday 9 January 2013

Day 2 with the Garmin Edge 800

It has been Day 2 of using the Garmin Edge 800, Garmin has very kindly let me borrow.

On my commute home I used a feature called Virtual Partner. This is a brilliant feature that allows you to have a race against yourself. You tell the Garmin what speed you'd like to maintain and then the device displays a person on a bicycle going at that speed. You can see your progress - faster or slower - against this virtual partner. It also shows you how far behind or ahead you are.

This is a great little feature and would come in very handy for training for racing events or to maintain a certain pace. I enjoyed using it and again glancing at the display was not distracting and felt quite natural.

Last night I downloaded a route a friend had emailed to me quite easily. All is stored away and on Saturday morning I will press go and let it direct me. You can almost certainly read about that trip sometime next week.

I am beginning to like this little Garmin a bit too much for my liking!


  1. You will love the 800! I found mine really useful to pace myself during this year's BWC. My only complaint concerns the mount which slips around my handle bars when on the move.

    1. I have to say that I haven't found that so far with regards it slipping.

    2. never had mine slip, have you changed the rubber bands?


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