Thursday 24 January 2013

Saving Weight!

Since the IG Nocturne last weekend I have been preoccupied with the weight of my Brompton.

As you know I opted to take my Raw Lacquer S2L which did provide a considerable weight saving anyway. By taking off the mudguards, Brooks saddle and fitting Kojak tyres instead of its usual Marathons, I managed to get the weight of the bike down to 10.3kg. (In case you are wondering how I weighed the bike, I used the excellent custom build tool at the even more excellent 'Compton Cycles').

This got me wondering. I looked at a M6L titanium to discover that if it was also in racing livery (Kojak tyres and mudguards off) the weight would be almost the same. Of course there is a premium for this weight saving but to have that lighter weight with all those gears to play with would be lovely!

Just picture it. An M6L X -orange of course - firm suspension, extended seat post, mud guards, Marathon tyres, front carrier block and a Brooks... I can but dream, but what a dream!

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