Thursday 17 January 2013

Raw Lacquer S2L on Secret Test Track

After work today I headed back to the secret test track but this time with my Raw Lacquer S2L. I must have behaved well enough on Tuesday as I was invited back! Again, many thanks for the hospitality.

My Raw Lacquer with Kojak tyres is a very different machine to that with its normal Marathons. It is a firm and very responsive ride to say the least and takes some getting used to. While there I made some adjustments to the saddle, as I took off the black Brooks to replace it with the original (and lighter) Brompton standard sadlle. This bike is just over 10kg and the bike feels lighter in every way.

The test track I rode on is flat with little in the way of incline. One lap took next to no time. One thing I noticed is that on this short and tight track, I began with the starting off gear and quickly moved to the second gear and then didn't move out of it at all. I think this was a bad move on my part as I should have perhaps moved to the first gear when powering out of the corners. I also missed the extra gears that my beloved Orange M6L has.

Decisions, decisions... I still haven't made up my mind fully about which bike to take with me but I will sleep on it and make a final decision tomorrow when I get home from work.

My thoughts this week have been dominated by the Nocturne: what bike to take; what to wear; how to get there. In many ways I cannot believe it is but a day and a bit away!

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