Tuesday 1 January 2013

Brooks John Boultbee Criterion Jacket

When I was in London a few days ago I passed the window of a very posh gentleman's outfitters on a certain street famous for such things to see a, 'Brooks John Boultbee Criterion Jacket' in the window. The Brooks moniker made me wonder if it was  the same Brooks that make brilliant saddles? It was.

I stared at said jacket for some time and didn't quite know what to make of it. I then thought about whether it would suit me? Was it sort of orange? What would the reaction of people be to me wearing it? Many other thoughts raced through my mind. I then caught sight of the price £900 and that sent a few more thoughts racing at an even greater speed than before!

I stood at said window with iPhone in hand furiously checking out the Brooks website for more information. Brooks regard it as best jacket ever created for cycling. They say that the trend has been to move away from tradition fabrics/materials but that they older ways are making a comeback. There are modern touches mixed with the traditional - reflective seams.

There is a ladies version and a mens version but the price is quite eye watering and I feel it has the look of David Attenborough about it. What do you think? Can you see yourself wearing this? It would certainly be brilliant for something like the Tweed Run.

You can click the link for the Brooks website on this range of clothing.

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  1. "OB man" have to disagree I'm afraid not David Attenborough but his older brother "Dickie" with hat pulled over his eyes to hide him from the street lights as he stands in the shadows in a scene from a 1950's thriller.


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