Sunday 20 January 2013

Richmond Park Spin in the Snow!

After yesterday's excitement at the Nocturne folding bike race I decided to take the family to Richmond Park for an early morning spin.

It was quite beautiful, although very cold - mainly due to the wind chill. Despite the weather cyclists were out in force braving the elements. Richmond Park really did look quite resplendent in its winter coat. The red deer that occupy the park, nonchalantly carried on their business while the snow fell, dog walkers ambled about almost being the servant to the master and cyclists spun round.

My two Bromponettes were not overly impressed by the weather and cycling combination but had a good go. They seem very adept at ascending the hills. Mrs Orange Brompton decided that to cycle in such conditions was bordering on insanity, so watched from the sidelines.

2013 has certainly started well. It looks as if there are quite a few rides stacking up which can only be a good thing - assuming I am allowed out to play?!

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