Tuesday 15 January 2013

I take my Brompton to a Secret Test Track!

This afternoon I went to a secret test track at a secret location, in preparation for Saturdays IG Nocturne Folding Bike Race!

While I cannot reveal the location of said track, I can say that having a blog with over 100,000 page views has brought me to the attention of a few interested parties who kindly invited me to their facility. To those people I can only say I am very grateful and thank you for inviting me!

The track wasn't that long, oval and a little longer than that for the indoor Nocturne circuit. What it did have was a couple of tight turns with one being incredibly tight. This I suspect is going to be very similar to that we will experience at the Nocturne indoor track.

I found negotiating the corners difficult at first and kept running wide. After a few test laps I found this better but at speed proved to be another learning curve! For me it was difficult on my own as I was the only person on the track. I cannot image what it is going to be like with another 30+ riders all wanting to go as fast as they can. It will be nothing short of terrifying!

I went round the track at full speed for ten laps - the number we will complete at the Nocturne - and found this demanding to say the least! I am not sure my fitness will carry me through to maintaining a more or less flat out speed for all ten laps!

It is all quite a scary prospect and though I am looking forward to Saturday, this experience has left me slightly anxious with a few butterflies in my stomach. It has also confirmed in my mind which bike I will take with me!

Again, to the owners of this track thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to not only think of me in the first place but to allow me to visit your wonderful facility and provide me with lots of useful tips. I really am quite humbled.

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