Wednesday 16 January 2013

Almost ready for the IG Nocturne Folding Bike Race

As you may be aware I bought some Kojak tyres recently in preparation for the IG Nocturne Folding Bike Race this Saturday.

I am nearly there. I decided to fit my Kojak tyres to my Raw Lacquer S2L. I have also removed the mudguards. The bike looks pretty mean in its full racing trim. If I decide to go with the S2L I will remove the Brooks saddle and refit the original Brompton one - which will reduce the weight by a couple of hundred grams. I have even take off the rear Brompton battery light to save some weight!

In fact this weight saving lark is quite ridiculous as I am contemplating taking off the front carrier blog, which I reliably informed will shave a further 81g off the overall weight!

You may have spotting me writing, '...if I decide to go with the S2L...' I must confess that I still haven't made up my mind yet. I have no qualms about taking the Kojak tyres off and fitting them to my beloved Orange Brompton. This job is easy now that I have the ParkTool bike stand. Knowing me I will make my final decision as late as Friday night!

A new nylon hook had to be purchased as did a small metal plate to prevent the front brake cable rubbing against the front fork. The fold is not affected but the bike is less stable when folded as it doesn't have the mudguard to act as a stabiliser.

Mean Machine

I can almost hear you ask, what is it like with the Kojak tyres? I have taken it out for a test run and the first thing to say is that it feels a great deal lighter than before. It is about 800g lighter than my M6L anyway but it it noticeably lighter with the Kojak tyres and mudguards off.

As far as the ride is concerned - what can I say. The 115psi makes things very nippy and responsive, perhaps enhanced by the slender profile of this tyre. It is a quicker bike with them on and muguards off - it is as simple as that. Not only this, having them on gives a phycological boost that you are going quicker even if you are not.

Do I like them? In a nutshell, yes. I have always wanted to try Kojak tyres and even though I doubt if they will see much use after this race unless it is dry, I like them a great deal. I certainly see now why many people swear by them and say you will never go back.

I have to say that my Raw Lacquer S2L is a good looking beast. Many say that it is their favourite colour. Whenever I use it I always get people asking about the unusual colouring and brazing and complimenting it, but in its racing livery to my eyes at least, it looks stunning.

There are only a few days to go now and I am really looking forward to just taking part. Reducing the bikes weight is really just a bit of fun. I have no illusions that it will make the slightest of differences to my performance on the day but I can but dream!


  1. I have Kojak's on my 2000 M3L. The main reason is that I do long distance riding all the time (yesterday I did a 60km ride around Cape Town). The rolling resistance is almost not worth mentioning. They are sweet for riding on a good road surface. However, punctures are a real concern. My new M6L has Marathons since it will be used for touring (even riding some dirt roads in Africa). But for fast, low resistance, smooth surface riding the Kojak tires can't be beat!

  2. How was your race? I also participated in the IG Nocturne Folding Bike Race with my folding bike and I finished in one of the first hundred positions. Not bad!

    1. Have a look at my blog to see exactly how I got on. Are you sure it was the Nocturne and not the BWC as the Nocturne had less than 80 people take part?

  3. mmmm... really? Ups! maybe it was in another race.

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