Sunday 27 January 2013

The Horrors of 'HELMET HAIR' On a Brompton!

The title of this blog entry would imply that the horrors of 'Helmet Hair' are confined to Brompton users. I suspect cyclists of any persuasion might have to endure this awful by-porduct of wearing a cycle helmet.

After my ride this morning I took my cycle helmet off and glanced in to the large windows of the Royal Albert Hall. To my horror my hair had formed into a French-type crop that Julius Caesar would have been proud of. I have been to the British Museum many times and my hair now resembled that of several Roman Emperors. As I turned my head to openly gaze in to the mirror like window, in full view of several tourists already drawn to me because of the bright orange Brompton,  I wagered that my hairstyle was not that dissimilar to a young Sir Derek Jacobi when playing I, Claudius! 

After coming home last week I had deep ridges in my hair that produced a hairstyle that can only be described as 'Leroy from Fame.' You know, the television programme from the 80's where you start paying in sweat! 

The awful thing about 'helmet hair' is that you never quite know what you are going to get? One of the reasons I stopped cycling in the early 90's (longer hair than now) was that I regularly had 'helmet hair' that somehow transformed my hairstyle to that of Liberace at the peak of his fame!

Dear reader, do you suffer from 'Helmet Hair' or is it just me? I would love to know what you think on this subject so please leave a comment.


  1. If you think it's bad for you imagine a woman who has a fringe as well as thick hair that takes 30 mins to blow dry. The result after wearing a bike helmet is something akin to stuffing your head into a pudding bowl and sticking it into the tumble drier.
    If only someone could create safety headwear that doesn't wreck your hair so that you don't need to carry a plastic bag with eye holes in to wear after cycling do that your friends and indeed anyone else can't see your mashed up hair. Pulled through a hedge backwards comes to mind!!

  2. Believe me, I am with your there sister!

  3. You have 3 options to reduce "Helmet Hair"
    Crew cut, bald or a skull cap.

    No matter what you will always have some kind of weird out come with your hair if its long enough unless you use some weird chemicals that would probably do more damage than good to begin with.

  4. I once returned form a ride, to be greeted by my wife - in hysterics - as "Plough Head".


    1. Thanks as always for leaving a comment John. Believe me I have been there. It is a curse every cyclist has to endure. Tonight I am probably wearing the full face balaclava. Heaven only knows what my hair will look like post-ride?!


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