Thursday 30 April 2020

Subsidy to encourage this Orange Brompton to cycle after lockdown!

Imagine a world in which the government actively encourages people to cycle after the lockdown to keep pollution levels down. France is.

A proposed scheme would see the French government, everyone would be eligible for bike repairs of up to 50 Euros and the funding would include paying for cycle training. At a local government level they will be encouraged to introduce new bike lanes.

This all sounds wonderful and I will be watching with interest to see what comes of it. It would be great if here in the UK something along these lines could eventually be introduced too.

With reports that London's transport system may find it difficult to deal with the increased demand - especially on the tube network - if it it likely social distancing needs to be maintained, I know how I would be getting around! It will be one of two Orange Brompton bicycles, I can tell you!!!

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