Monday 27 April 2020

Orange Brompton Blast from the past #7 - Disaster going to Box Hill

Normal cyclists normally pay a visit to the famous winding road that leads to Box Hill by day. Brompton riders are not normal cyclists! Of all the times I have cycled to the top of Box Hill, the vast majority have beeb at night! One particular adventure I have never forgotten!

I think it might have been my idea to do these nocturnal Box Hill runs or maybe David - I am not sure? - but they were made all the better by doing them at night and having the reward of food in the form of a bar, grill and diner called the 'Smith and Western' at the top of Box Hill.

Ever since this ride my saddle bag always contains a brand new and sealed Brompton chain. Luckily I have never had to use it. I have been to and enjoyed going to Box Hill many times since and reading this old blog post from 2013 makes me want to go there and to get a burger from the 'Smith and Western.' When the 'C' word has eased I just might add it to the list of cycling locations.

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