Monday 20 April 2020

First Brompton commute in a while

With my Orange Flame Lacquer kitted out with its T-bag, packed and ready, today I took my Brompton on my daily commute to work for the first time in ages.

Up to a few years ago I rode a Brompton to and from work every day, all year round, in all weathers. Mentioning weather, the only thing that stopped me was snow, ice or heavy fog. Apart from that I cycled.

I won't bore you with why I stopped doing this but there were several reasons that all conspired to make this something I did less and less.

Today felt like old times and I really enjoyed my commute. On the way home I felt as good and the last 3 minutes before I knew I would be leaving work, I was activity looking forward to it. I even decided to talk the long way home as it was such a lovely evening.

While I cannot say whether I will be able to go back to a daily commute on a Brompton, I will certainly try!!

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