Wednesday 29 April 2020

Cycling during lockdown - be as prepared as a Brompton user!

One of the positive things I have seen during the 'C' word lockdown has been the increase in cyclists on the streets of London - many of which are on brand new bicycles. However, a little froward planning might be needed for those new to cycling.

Yesterday evening, when it had stopped raining for what seemed like the entire day, I was out for my daily exercise. My route was a quick circular journey of almost 15 miles. I didn't want to head out for any longer as various apps had predicted it to rain.

About 5 miles in I saw a couple at the roadside both with brand new bicycles but the obvious fact they had stopped due to a puncture. From the look on their faces they looked in a little difficulty, so from the other side of the road I shouted out to see if they needed any help.

It was the gentleman's bicycle that had a front wheel puncture to his spankingly new Boardman road bike but if anything the rear looked low as well. Asking if they had any tools etc.., the obvious reply came back that they didn't. I wasn't going to go any closer to them or their bicycle so I asked if they were close to home. They weren't 100% of that either as they had not taken a phone! I offered to ring someone for them but this proved fruitless as they didn't know by memory any phone numbers. (I am not sure I would remember any either). Getting their postcode and tapping it into google maps, they were just over 8 miles from home...ouch! I broke this to them as gently as I could and wished them well.

I continued my cycling and when I had just about reached the 12 mile mark, the heavens opened. Grabbing a lightweight waterproof from my Mini-O Bag and putting it on I thought about those two unfortunate people. I pretty certain they didn't have any!

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