Friday 17 April 2020

Owning a Brompton - some things might not ever be the same

Those of you who have read by blog for a while will know that I have never liked public transport a great deal and it was one of the reasons why I bought a Brompton. It isn't that I think public transport is in any way bad but more me. I am not a fan of packed trains or buses and possibly a little claustrophobic under such conditions. Whenever I have arrived at a tube station or been on a tube train and found things too busy for comfort, I have simply got off, unfolded and pedalled away. Almost instantly I have felt better.

When we get to the other side of the 'C' word - and hopefully the will in the near future - for me, where possible, I personally don't think I will go back to using public transport anytime soon. This is is purely because in the last few weeks of lockdown I have been forced to use my Brompton to get me to locations where I would have normally have had to use public transport and I have enjoyed just cycling much more.

There are many studies that point to the benefits of cycling - both physical health and mental - and the cycling I have done as part of my daily exercise has been very enjoyable. I have liked exploring new routes, seeing new sights, taking the longer route home and using the extra time taken relax. I can therefore see myself cycling to the meeting point for rides and when they are finished cycling back home much more often.

I know a few people (who are key workers) who have bought a Brompton and other types of bicycle in the last few weeks to get to work and they have told me that they intend to continue cycling to work when things get back to normal.

What about you dear reader? What will you do?

Stay positive and keep safe people!!


  1. I've rediscovered cycling in the last few weeks since getting out of the habit of it, and fully intend to re-embrace it!


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