Wednesday 8 April 2020

Orange Brompton Blast from the past #3 - Brompton duo London to Brighton overnight

For few years my good friend Dr John and I have been going on all sorts of duo adventures. These started out as being cyclic rides we were able to do at short notice - and because nothing else was taking place that we fancied - but they have grown into something bigger and better.

We have have now been on several overnight rides to the coast, with our favourite being the classic that is, London to Brighton. We normally meet at the same start point and time as the larger attended rides (we also go on those too) and more or less follow our favourite route which we have made little alterations to. Dr John is excellent company and the hours cycling fly by quickly.

This particular blast from the past is not the first London to Brighton we have embarked upon but was our first on Brompton bicycles - something we have stuck to ever since. I have probably bored you to death by saying that night rides to the coast are additive but they are. This has been magnified by the situation we all find ourselves in at the moment.

It is such a simple idea to cycle approximately 60 miles through the night at conversational pace towards the coast. On the way you leave the city behind and experience dawn in a unique way. In addition arriving at the coast and smelling the sea air is rather special.

Ironically, this ride took place on Maundy Thursday into Good Friday and Dr John and I had planned to do this very ride tomorrow night. When the lockdown ends (as soon as we are both available) this will almost certainly be our first ride...

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