Sunday 26 April 2020

Orange Brompton Changes after the 'C' word

During the last few weeks daily exercise in the form of walking and cycling has been quite a gleeful moment, mainly due to the huge reduction in car traffic. However, when the current restrictions are eased (let's not go for this too quickly as we don't want a second dose of it doing the rounds) things might be a little dicey for us cyclists.

There are reports that post 'C' word some people might ditch the buses and trains for the bicycle however a considerable amount more will be taking to their cars. This might mean that our roads are busier than they were before this all started which would be bad news for cyclists. A few of my neighbours have told me - from a suitable distance - that as soon as they are allowed back to work they will be taking the car and not the tube. 

One hope is that all the new cyclists I have seen out and about the last few weeks - many on brand new bicycles - might consider making more journeys via the human powered two-wheeled variety. 

For me nothing has really changed a great deal. I have never been a fan of public transport anyway and avoid it in favour of my Brompton. The one thing that has, is how much I have like walking and I can see myself doing a great deal more of this - time permitting.

What changes do you think you might make?

Keep safe people!!

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  1. Frankly, when this is all over I'm probably going to prioritise moving house. I currently live in a tiny rented flat, and commute across town every day by Brompton. I'd like to move somewhere with a bit more room, further out of the town, ideally somewhere I own. Then I can choose Brompton or power-assisted bike, depending on how creaky I feel that day :)


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