Saturday 11 April 2020

Ride cancelled? Perhaps you should use a crystal ball

My daily exercise today took me back to home turf in SW7 rather than further afield. I took my Orange, Black Special Edition with me and enjoyed the quiet roads and - to use common parlance - headspace that cycling around with nowhere in particular to go brings.

As I cycled around some of my route made me think of the Tweed Run when there was a group photo on the steps with the Royal Albert Hall in the background. When I stopped to have some water I had a look on my phone at the Tweed Run website to see whether a decision had finally been made to cancel it. No, nothing. I had a look at Twitter and saw that the last entry was January 2018! Instagram had nothing either but a few people had left comments about whether the event was going to take place.

The only information put out by the Tweed Run was apparently on FaceFriend. On the 28 March a post was place informing that it was looking unlikely that they would be able to host the event and that they were looking to reschedule for the autumn.

I am not on FaceFriend and I suspect many participants of the Tweed Run might not be too. Does make you wonder how you were to find out? (If you paid for ticket let me know if they have emailed you).

I know that the 'C' word is causing havoc to lots of things in our life at the moment and a cycle ride is so low on the pecking order that it is insignificant, but Evans Cycles cancelled their Ride It Sportive events ages ago, informing by email and issuing a refund.

If you are taking part in the Tweed Run perhaps you should harness the Force or invest in a crystal ball?!

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