Friday 24 April 2020

Orange Brompton Blast from the past #6 - Thames Triple Chaser

The Thames Triple Chaser was the brainchild of yet another good friend, Mark (King of the Hill). As you have probably gathered, it is quite amazing how so many friendships have come about from owning a Brompton!

Along the river Thames

The Thames Triple Chaser is just a brilliant idea. Cycle along, under and travel over and on the river Thames.

Under the river Thames

I have now done this ride several times and if you have read my blog you will know that the Thames Path route from London to the Thames Flood Barrier and back is a particular favourite.

Over the river Thames

Mark tries to put on one of these every year - if he can - along with his daytime ride to Whitstable (which may well appear in another blast from the past).

On the river Thames

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