Sunday 26 April 2020

Orange Brompton comments from readers - thank you!

It just occurred to me today that when my friend Geoff - who I have been with on countless cycling adventures over the years - commented on a blog post last Thursday, the number of comments received reached the 2000 mark.

Naturally, I have received other comments that have been less than helpful:
  • Special one time offer on this newly discovered serum to enlarge your penis
  • We can enhance your blog
  • We can direct more traffic to your blog
  • You have just inherited $4,000,000 from your next door neighbour's friend's wife of their third cousin's twice removed...please contact us
  • My name is Jacky and I am hot for you 
  • My name is Jack and I am hot for you
You get the idea I'm sure! 

It has been really great to get the odd comment from people all across the world. Some are regulars (a big thank you), some occasionally comment and some comment for one night only. I am very grateful if you have taken the time to do this and it is really appreciated.

Keep safe people!!


  1. being an avid reader of your interesting and super nice blog, i have nevertheless stopped sending in comments, because they are almost never published. its a pity really.
    kaistenseth at hotmail if you should care to reply.

    1. Many thanks my friend. It is sadly the way of blogger that some of the comments don't reach me or are put into the spam box automatically. Your support and comments have always been very welcome. Hope that you are okay and keeping safe under the current situation we find ourselves in.

  2. yes, spam folder can be a gold mine, but only sometimes:)

    also almost certain i already had the corona. when it came it really felt better to went the lungs on a bike away from others..


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