Friday 1 May 2020

Orange Brompton wet weather riding

The function of a Brompton boils down to shorter distance, personal transport in all weathers. They are built to last and can withstand the rigours of daily use where the user typically rides them to a station, gets on a train, rides to place of work the other end and store it somewhere at work. I know many Brompton users who have done this - with no maintenance whatsoever - for two+ years and their Brompton is still as reliable as ever.

Like many of the people I have mentioned on this blog over the years, I suppose I am not a typical Brompton user insofar as I cycle much longer distances, all year round and in often terrible weather. Despite this I can be prone to recoiling in terror at the prospect of the smallest bead of rainwater touching the paintwork of my beloved Brompton bicycles.

I don't actually mind the rain at all. I have my parents to blame for that - especially my mum. She took the view that rain should not stop you from doing anything and as such whenever it rained she would always be off out somewhere visiting her favourite haunts of SW7, SW1 and W1. Rides of 60 - 70 miles, even where it is raining when I have set off and predictions say it will do so for the entire millage, have not out me off.

None of this has stopped me from the strong desire to keep my Brompton bicycles free of even the slightest precipitation! After a ride when it has rained I clean my Brompton and in my mind make things better again.

Now the strange thing is that I have a Condor road bike that is rather lovely and cost much more than  my Brompton but riding it does not bring about the same reaction? Am I alone in this? Do you suffer the same affliction with your Brompton?

Keep safe people!

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  1. i dont overly clean any of my bikes maybe except the road bike, but it hardly ever gets dirty anyway. as long as the bike i go out with is clean within reason and technically well working i am fine. rain doesnt stop me from using any of my bromptons, but salty muddy slush wintertime warrants the use of an old 90s T5 beater that i have converted to fatter tyres on 305 rims. they are michelins, have soft rubber that grips well on snow and ice. added clearance under the mudguards keep these from clogging up. good thing that bike is black, so the dirt doesnt show so much.


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