Sunday 10 May 2020

Narrow canal paths...not this this Orange Brompton

This morning I set out quite early with the intention of getting to Windsor. Things didn't really go the way I had planned.

Now, I just point out that I am not really a fan of Windsor. For me it has the castle, the park and that god awful school nearby. Apart from that I - and I wouldn't really care to see / visit any of those - there isn't really a great deal I can say about Windsor, except it is not for me.

So why cycle to Windsor I hear you ask? With lockdown I am keen not to spend hours and hours on the bike. Windsor was a spur of the moment thing with me thinking early this morning, where shall I go that I haven't been to for a while.

Part of my route took me on a section of canal that was so narrow and in such poor condition I rode all of 50 metres and headed straight back.

No! No way!!

The section of the Grand Union Canal from Kensal Green, Ladbroke Gove onwards into Paddington is wonderful. It is wide enough for bikes and people to pass and the surface is very Brompton friendly.

Today did serve another purpose. Part of my initial route was blocked - possibly due to the 'C' word and I turned on for the first time the re-routing function of my Wahoo. When I used to have a Garmin this was so terrible to try and use I turned it off. I have to report that the Wahoo's efforts are just so much better. A blue set of chevrons indicated the alternative route, which was bike friendly and didn't take me too far off my original route.

Here in the UK we await our Prime Minister to address the nation to see what is happening with regards lockdown. It really is a hard one to call. On the one hand things do need to get back to some sort of normal.  On the other, with reports of countries experiencing rises in the numbers of CO19 cases because they might have lifted restrictions too quickly, it isn't an easy one!

Keep safe people!

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