Friday 8 May 2020

No Orange Brompton Dunwich Dynamo in 2020

Not that long ago Dr John and I had a telephone conversation in which we discussed life after lockdown. The Dunwich Dynamo came up. I said to Dr John that even it it were running I wouldn’t be going as my only route back was via the coaches Southwark Cycles put on and I didn’t fancy a crowded coach!

Today the people at Southwark Cycles announced that they had taken the decision not to run the coaches. A very brave, commendable and understandable act. Things are still going to be be quite lively with the ‘C’ word, even I suspect as far away as 4th July, so it’s the right decision.

There is always next year but I am sure many - if lockdown restrictions are lifted - will cycle to Dunwich beach and ride back.

Keep safe people.

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