Monday 18 May 2020

Brompton T-bag is cavernous!

No along after getting my Orange Flame Lacquer Brompton, in addition to a black Mini-O bag I also bought a T-bag so I could carry a bigger load. Today I used it in anger for the first time.

This morning I had a vast amount to take with me to work. I managed to cull a few items but there was still quite a bit to carry. 

What I carried wasn't necessarily heavy - although it did weigh a good few kilos - but it was bulky and I was amazed at how much it could carry.  The other great thing about it is all the little storage pockets all over the place. 

I have a larger orange and black Ortlieb bag that I really like however it cannot compete with the load capacity of the T-bag.

Brompton now have the 'Explore' bag which has replaced the T-bag which if anything is even better. I might have to give that a look.

If you look around as the T-bag is on its way out in favour of the Explore, you might be able to bag a bargain! (Did you see what I did there). 

Hope that you are all keeping well out there wherever in the world you are!

Stay safe people!!!

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