Tuesday 26 May 2020

Taking care of my Brompton saddles

Today was very much about cleaning my two Brompton bicycles and one job I normally carry out only a couple of times a year is making sure my Brooks saddles are looking good.

Both of my Brompton bicycles have leather B17 Brooks saddles fitted and I have to say, for me personally, I wouldn't have anything else.

One is a Special Edition, with the large copper rivets and titanium rails. It is a wonderful saddle and needed no breaking in at all. (I am convinced that the Special Edition versions are more comfortable out of the box).  The other is a standard black version, which believe me, did need some breaking in.

Like most leather products there is something to apply to keep the leather subtle and at its best. Brooks produce 'Proofide' and it really does do wonders.

First of all it smells rather nice and one tin seems to last an eternity as such a small amount needs to nee applied.

I only apply some Proofide perhaps two or three times a year, only putting on more if I have been on a particularly wet series of rides in short succession.

Special Edition, titanium

Of course I have a set of Brooks leather grips on one bike and some leather Ergon grips on the other, so they also get a little dose of Proofide too.

Standard B17

If you are one of the people who have only recently bought your first Brompton, a Brooks saddle is possibly your first upgrade. (Brompton upgrades really are a rabbit hole)! There are lighter saddles out there but I do think a Brompton looks good with a Brooks fitted. They aren't the lightest saddles - even my titanium frame version - but they really will last for years and it may be that when getting another bike, the Brooks saddle may well be transferred over!!

Stay safe out there people!!

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