Tuesday 19 May 2020

Brompton commute getting busier

The past few days have seen my Brompton commute getting slightly busier but in a slightly less obvious way.

Yes there were a few more cars than there were last week but what noticeable was the amount of cycles out in force. There were loads. Many looked new with the obvious sign of this being seats far too low for the height of the rider.

It is great to see so many new cyclists out and about but I do wish so many weren’t riding on the pavement. What would be great would be for more of the proposed pop up cycle lanes/routes became a reality. They might encourage newer cyclists to leave the perceived safety of the pavement.

I don’t know if there is a shortage of bicycles out there in London as I saw lots of riders in bikes you just wouldn’t expect them to ride. The older 50 something gentleman on a bright purple number with a shopping basket up front. Or the young 20 something on her BMX!

I am just very pleased to be on my Orange Flame Lacquer!

Stay safe out there people.

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