Tuesday 12 May 2020

Cleaning my Orange Brompton bicycles

I regularly get ribbed about how clean my Brompton bicycles are and when out in public I didn't want my reputation tarnished. So today I didn't do any cycling at at and instead I set about giving them a really good clean.

I always clean them in the following manner:

  • Hose down with water
  • Clean the chain with a chain tool filled with degreaser
  • Apply one of those muck removal sprays
  • Hot water, sponge and various brushes to get rid of all the muck
  • Hose down with water
  • Dry using kitchen towels
  • Apply dry lube to the chain
I bought a Park Tool work stand years ago and this has served me well. Similar versions are available widely and definitely worth considering. 

I now have two gleaming  Brompton bikes ready for action. 

Stay safe people!

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  1. Nice process. I've been a bit lax over the years when getting home in wet weather, which has left me with a rust patch on the bottom of the BB (where the rear wheel contacts when folded). That has, of course, never been something I've needed to care about with my previous (non-folding) bikes! Will have to schedule a session with some sandpaper and rust-converter, then a carefully localised re-spray at some point in the next few weeks...


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