Thursday 7 May 2020

Orange Brompton goes mountain biking!

There are occasions where you try out a new route, take a wrong turn and end up somewhere unexpected. Today was that day.

I should have know. The road turned into a gravel track. Gravel track turned to bridal path. Bridal path turned to a grassy track. In between all of this was a VERY steep incline, similar to one I experienced a while ago, but this being a great deal steeper!

Trying to cycle up this on a Brompton - my Orange Flame Lacquer - proved all but impossible. If the surface had of been tarmac, maybe but this was soil, laced with stones, leaves, the roots of trees and large dollops of horse manure!

I pressed on and had to push my bike up the hill once I got halfway up. At the top I was greeted by an open field so I decided to turn back.  Being a foolhardy sort I cycled down gingerly and at the end a chap on a mountain bike started his ascent. He took a look at me on my Brompton and just said, ‘well done for getting down that in that!’  I took it in the spirit it was meant.

The next time I will stick to letting my Wahoo plot my route, rather than me try and do it very badly.

Stay safe people!!!

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