Monday 4 May 2020

Orange Brompton Flame Lacquer to Alexandra Palace

My last little adventure as part of my daily exercise to Alexandra Palace was very agreeable. As I took my Orange, Black Special Edition last time, I felt it only fitting to take my Orange Flame Lacquer with me today.

If anything it felt a little warmer today and there were certainly a lot more people out and about. There were more cars! Part of the route involved getting across a really buy road. Normally this would have been easy as there was a subway underneath it. Of course in lockdown these are blocked off and shut, so I looked for a set of traffic lights. I found these pretty easily a few hundred metres ahead but I almost winced when a chap on a road bike dodged the traffic, rather foolishly.

I knew what to expect with regards hills and I looked forward to the challenge of getting up them today.

At the top in the shadow of Alexandra Palace there were loads of people about. There were also lots and lots of police - in vans and on foot. I don't know what they were all doing? Perhaps watching us?

As I said it was aware day but there was little in the way of haze and as such the view were wonderful. I spend a few moments gazing into the distance, thinking about the buildings I could see and all the routes and places I would like to pay a visit to once the 'C' word has subsided. 

My Flame Lacquer is fitted with a Brooks Titanium, Special Edition saddle and I am convinced that these 'Special Edition' ones are more confutable. Have I gone mad or does anyone else out there agree?

Wherever you are in the world, stay safe people!

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