Saturday 2 May 2020

Orange Brompton Alexandra Palace and back

It seems like ages since I have been on a decent ride with a few hills to keep things interesting, so with the sun shining early this morning I headed off for an Alexandra Palace loop.

Setting off early the roads were fairly quiet, although there were definitely more car than in previous weeks and sadly speeds were up.

I decided to take my Orange, Black Special Edition with me in favour of the Orange, Flame Lacquer mainly as I had not used it in a while. There is no real difference in how the bikes ride/perform but I could swear the titanium part on the Brooks saddle on my Flame Lacquer makes the ride a little more comfortable?

Trusting in my Wahoo to provide an interesting but quiet route, again I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed seeing new roads and scenery.

Arriving at Alexandra Palace in pretty good time I took in the views. The actual building is Grade II listed and is now a venue for various sports and music events. Back in the 1930's it acted as a transmission centre for the BBC.

The views, on a day like this, were stunning and I could make out the buildings of Canary Wharf as well as the Shard and Walkie Talkie. A more welcome sight was seeing a near uninterrupted view of the dome of St Paul's Cathedral.

The last time I cycled to this location on a Brompton was when I completed the 'Night Rider' event a few years ago. I remember finishing one of the two times I did this with my partner in crime, Andrew. The photo below is pretty much where we started and ended the ride.

In my youth I remember cycling up to Alexandra Palace on a Peugeot mountain bike. I remember that I found some of the hills a challenge, even on a bike with 27 gears. Either I have got fitter or in comparison to my Brompton my Peugeot mountain bike was rubbish but I found it much easier on the Brompton!

After a good few minutes taking photos of the buildings in the distance, my Brompton and then some more photos of my Brompton I headed back.

There was one huge downhill on the way to Alexandra Palace that even I did not look forward to ascending on the way back however I need not have worried. The Wahoo gave me a route that bypassed it completely! Very clever.

Hoping to get out on the Brompton again tomorrow as part of my daily exercise. As yet I don't know where that will be.

Keep safe people!!

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