Friday 15 May 2020

Civic duty to avoid public transport - take a Brompton?

Yesterday the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps claimed it was your civic duty to avoid public transport, while urging people to go back to work.

Speaking at the daily press conference we have had here in the UK since the 'C'word took hold, he appealed that people should drive or cycle to work to avoid putting pressure on public transport.

In my blog yesterday, I mentioned that I had noticed more cars on the road since Wednesday. I noticed much the same yesterday and today, if anything a little more.

Some poor people really don't have any choice but to use public transport. They might not have a car, live too far away from their place of work to cycle or not own a bicycle. It is easy for me to say I would rather cycle. I could cope with a few miles and sued to London streets in rush hour. Many people have not cycled for years (or not at all) and over the weeks of lockdown I have seem my fair share of new cyclists, who just about coped with almost deserted streets.

It is going to get rather busy out there over the next few weeks. I do think that there is going to be a massive surge in cycling and many more people taking to human powered two-wheel transport. However, I also think that this will go hand in hand with a huge increase in car traffic just about everywhere.

If you are cycling, whether a seasoned old hack or a brand new cyclist, be careful out there!

Stay safe people!

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