Friday 3 July 2020

Will the Nocturne return for Brompton racing?

The Nocturne was an annual cycling event held in the heart of London, that in addition to professional riders competing in a road cycling criterium, had a Penny Farthing race and for me the big draw - a folding bike race. The event didn't take place last year - I don't actually know why - and it seems as if there might have actually been an event this year which was sadly scuppered by the 'C' word.

I think that my racing days are over but it was very good fun and certainly an adrenaline rush. If there was to be a future event I would enter, merely with the hope of cycling around like a peacock in my orange finery! 

Below is a link to some footage I took back in 2015. I was able to get a tremendous start and you can then see lots of the front runners and riders glide past me.

Link to Nocturne video

Stay safe out there people!!

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