Sunday 19 July 2020

Brompton wins in copyright case

There are folding bikes and then there are folding bikes. I think it is true to say that I am an unashamed, biased Brompton fanboy and as such what I am about to write you might acuse me of being all of these. However, I do speak from some experience.

A little over ten years ago I bought a secondhand Dahon D7. It was alright I suppose but (and here it comes) it wasn't a Brompton. When I sold it not that long afterwards and bought a Brompton the differences were vast. In comparison the word I would use to describe the Dahon, I won't repeat, but to give you a clue it was...ahem...something you might step in! Since then I have seen all sorts of folding bicycle and none come close to the Brompton.

It would seem that Brompton have won a copyright infringement case against 'Get2Get' a South Korean company who produced a folding bicycle following the expiry of a former patient. The Court of Justice of the European Union concluded that copyright protection was applicable for items whose shape was required to obtain the technical result of the whole.

This is good news and it might result in other companies blatantly ripping off the unique design that is a Brompton thinking twice about it.

A Brompton bicycle is an iconic brand and the fact it is still build in the UK does mean something - perhaps more to overseas buyer than us in the UK.

A Brompton is not an inexpensive purchase but if you need a folder for practical reasons, to join the near-ecosystem that is owning a Brompton or simply want to pose as you cycle to get some organic coffee beans grown by hipsters in Hackney Fields, the Brompton is the bicycle for you!

Stay safe out there people!!

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