Monday 6 July 2020

More followers for @orangebrompton

This blog post is a little bit an an appeal to try and get me a few more followers for my Instagram account @orangebrompton

There are a few reasons that might not seem as obvious. On a very selfish level I would naturally like some more followers. The primary reason however is that it would allow me to interact more easily with you good people out there.

At the moment the way many of you contact me is via the email that I have posted on the 'contact me' part of the blog. I am shamefully terrible at logging into this account and often leave it several days/weeks before doing so. I already have quite a few email accounts on my iPhone for work etc.., and don't really want any more on there.

Via Instagram I could respond more quickly to personal messages or comments left on various photos I have posted.

So, if you are willing and able I would be very grateful if you could consider doing this. If you do, please say hello!

Stay safe out there people!!

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