Thursday, 9 July 2020

Update on my Borough Waterproof Bag, Small in Navy

I thought I would post an update on my Brough Waterproof bag, Small in Navy having used it quite a bit.

Today, if you were to look out of the window here in London it has rained all day. A 30 minute round trip on my Brompton in constant rain - the type that isn't a torrential downpour but that constant medium/heavy stuff - did a great deal to boost my already high opinion of this bag.

Inside I had an iPad and a leather bound A4 notebook that if anything I was more worried about getting wet than the iPad. I can report the the contents were totally dry and completely safe.

I really am liking this little bag a great deal and Brompton have winner in this one. Again, the fact it isn't bright orange or black doesn't bother me as I like this blue. Imagine if Brompton did release it in orange...

Stay safe out there people!!

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