Wednesday 8 July 2020

Brompton bikes out of stock!

During lockdown and as it has eased the number of people buying Brompton bicycles has increased massively. If you were to head out to many of the bike shops in London that normally stock the small wheeled wonder, you might be disappointed as many locations have sold out. In fact, check out the Brompton website and they have little or no stock too.

When lockdown started I knew a few people who didn't want to take public transport and were considering cycling in to work. I recall telling them to get down to any shop that had a Brompton in stock and buy it there and then as I suspected they would sell out. Thankfully they took my advice and although they didn't get the colour they perhaps wanted, they at least joined the fold and bought one.

All hope is not lost of course. Shops do seem to have a trickle of stock coming in and it is a case of keeping your eyes open.

The great thing for Brompton is that they are busy with lots of demand in a business world that it volatile to sat the least.

Stay safe out there people!!

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