Friday 10 July 2020

Not sure I'd buy this Brompton storage solution!

I was looking at eBay for a friend who was thinking of buying Brompton on there. The bike in question didn't look that good but something else did catch my eye!

The box your Brompton comes in if you get it new or if the owner has been good and kept it, is actually a pretty robust storage solution. People have even packed their bike up in this when travelling abroad.

It was therefore with some surprise and much amassment that I saw one of these boxes on sale for the starting price of £84.99. It gets even better as postage is £10! I very nearly spat tea across my computer screen!

So, if you would like one of these boxes at a bargain price, let me know!! I have two going spare but my price is way better. I'll do them for £49.99 each and postage will be included!!

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