Tuesday 21 July 2020

This Bromptonian will wear a mask!

In a few days time it will be compulsory to wear a face mask/covering in shops. This has already been the case for a few weeks on buses, trains and the tube. I have only been on a couple of journeys on public transport - I have my Brompton to thank for keeping this number down - and have been happy to wear a face mask.

I am sure that there will be reports of people refusing to abide by this, will argue the toss and have no genuine reasons for not wearing a face covering. I suspect that when Monday arrives there will be many poor members of staff - who aren't security guards etc - terrified and placed outside establishments given the job of checking to see the rules are being kept. I hope people don't give them a hard time!

I have two options. An all black face mask that a kind neighbour made for me or an orange cycling snood. Either option allows me to colour coordinate with my Orange Black Special Edition!!

Stay safe out there people!!

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