Saturday 25 July 2020

This Orange Brompton thing is going too far!

I make little secret of the fact that the colour orange plays a rather significant in my consciousness. Many have asked why this is. It is a little bit of a family thing and has its origins in WWII, however I don't propose to go into any explanation other than that.

Imagine my surprise when I popped round to my in-laws and discovered that they had a pack of disposable orange. Not only in orange but at a size my huge mitts would fit into without cutting off the circulation to both hands!

Using the standard Marathon tyres punctures are pretty rare for me but if the puncture fairy does ever pay a visit I can at least repairs them in style!

As for my in-laws supply of these gloves, I suspect...ahem...they may start to get smaller and smaller!!

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. You're going to have to get Tubolitos next!

  2. if you get a flat on the rear, try fixing it without taking the wheel off. less grime and oil on hands, and less time spent.

    maybe you can even spare the pair of gloves for the next occasion.

    and of course get away with that nail or glass torn sitting in the tyre:)


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