Friday 24 July 2020

Brompton Cateye Volt 400 front light set

You might have read my recent bog post in which I am considering taking off the dynamo hub wheel and lights. The Brompton Cateye Volt 400 Front light set arrived in record time from and may provide the solution I am after.

The set comes with:

  • Cateye Volt 400 front USB rechargeable light
  • Mounting bracket
  • Front reflector
  • UBS cable

The bracket is particularly good in that it is a solid, shaped piece of metal that definitely won't shear off as the wire brackets are prone to do. Fitting is pretty easy. All that is required is for you to undo the front brake calliper fit the bracket in place and then tighten things up.

It will take any Cateye light but of course certain lights would result in you being unable to utilise the front carrier block if it were one of the larger types. Luckily, this set up also means that I could use my old Cateye Volt 300 that I have always liked and is still going strong!

The light itself is pretty good for its intended purpose - sitting low just over the wheel and illuminating the road ahead. The light has the following modes and run times:

  • High: 2.5 hours (400 Lumens)
  • Low: 13.5 hours (100 Lumens)
  • Hyper-constant: 12 hours (400/50 Lumens)
  • Flashing: 100 hours (100 Lumens)

It is pretty small and only 93ish grams. I also like the Brompton livery on both sides of the light.

For the sort of night rides I do the only thing I will want to use/need is the low setting with that 100 Lumens lasting 13.5 hours. The Edulux II pumps out slightly less than this in terms of brightness but I do not rely on it solely and always beef things up with a light attached to the handlebar. I will of course do the same with this one. I will have to give it a go at night to see what I think of it.

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. I see that on amazon this light is about £77. I have the dynamo set from Brompton (on a flame laq M type) and find it ok for city riding in the dark (in normal times my 125km a week commute). I can see for country riding you might want more light but It seems quite a compromise to spend that and replace the dynamo light. Hopefully you can have both.

    1. You can get it for a great deal less if you shop around. I have someone working away on a modified bracket that should be strong enough for the task. I do tend to rely on my handlebar mounted lights generally.


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